The Rescue of Karl Eckener was the final stage of a series of attempts by agents of the Royal Naboo Security Forces to rescue Karl Eckener, the son of Hugo Eckener.


Karl Eckener had been kidnapped by the Darkwalkers because of gambling debts. He also had gambling debts to the Skaak Tippers. Not knowing which group had kidnapped Karl, Hugo had agents of the RSF perform deeds for both criminal groups in an attempt to please them into releasing Karl.

When this failed, Hugo saw only one final solution - namely to stage an armed rescue of his son and dispatched RSF agents to the bases of operations of both groups.

The rescueEdit

The RSF agents who went to the Darkwalkers' cave eventually found Karl there. However, they were unable to liberate Karl from his prison cell, because three separate security codes were needed to shut down the energy field that was holding him prisoner.

Karl informed the RSF agents that the three of the Darkwalker leaders - Solon Gaw -4181 -236 4212, Critolus Masse -4173 -249 4391, and Marcus Gaw -4031 248 4297 - residing in the cave were in possession of the codes. The RSF agents saw no other option but to seek out the three criminals an kill them and subsequently loot the security codes from their dead bodies. Having killed the three Darkwalkers, the RSF agents shut down the force field and Karl returned to his father.


The RSF agents returned to a grateful Hugo Eckener who thanked them, whereupon they reported in to Pooja Naberrie who gave them a considerable reward and praised them for their work for the RSF.


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