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In 3 ABY, the Freemakers and Naare undertook a mission to rescue Zander Freemaker from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vendetta. Zander had been captured by the Galactic Empire after taking Wick Cooper's N-1 starfighter on a joyride. Despite an encounter with the Sith Lord Darth Vader, the Freemakers and Naare managed to escape back to the Wheel with Zander and the N-1 starfighter.


Wick Cooper N1 starfighter

Wick Cooper's N-1 starfighter

During the Galactic Civil War, the Freemakers ran a garage at the Wheel space station in the Abrion system. Zander Freemaker was a starship connoisseur who enjoyed racing starships.[3] Following the skirmish on the Rancor's Fist[1], the Freemakers received a job from the wealthy Wick Cooper to service his antique N-1 starfighter. Overcome by the excitement of seeing the antique starfighter, Zander took the ship for an unauthorized test flight.[3]

He soon stumbled in the middle of a dogfight between Imperial and Rebel Alliance starfighters. Zander's N-1 starfighter was soon captured by the Imperial Star Destroyer Vendetta. Before being locked aboard the brig, Zander managed to contact his sister Kordi and brother Rowan Freemaker and tell them that he had been arrested for interfering with Imperial business.[3]

Zander's predicament complicated matters for Kordi and Rowan, who had to deal with an increasingly impatient Mr Cooper. Kordi got the B1 battle droid butler Roger to entertain Cooper while she sought the undercover Sith agent Naare's help. Naare was initially reluctant to help and suggested that Zander's loss meant they had "one less mouth to feed." However, Roger saw it as a test of his abilities and managed to convince Naare to help them. The Freemakers traveled to the Vendetta in a disguised Class-D cargo container while Naare traveled in her starship Eclipse Fighter.[3]

The rescueEdit

Vader stormtroopers Zanders Joyride

The Freemakers ran into Darth Vader during their mission.

The Freemakers managed to enter the Vendetta's hangar by using a transponder while Naare gave the proper clearance codes. Rowan and Zander made their way through the Star Destroyer's corridors and were confronted by two stormtroopers. However, Naare then sliced the floor open with lightsaber and knocked out the sentries. Together, the Freemakers and Naare made their way to the brig. Naare walked past two Imperial officers, who recognized her and allowed to proceed undisturbed. When Rowan asked how she got past them, Naare claimed that she used a mind trick in order to conceal her Jedi cover.[3]

Meanwhile, Darth Vader personally oversaw the interrogation of Zander. Vader believed that Zander was a rebel. Zander quickly confessed that he was a Freemaker and a starship mechanic. Deducing that Zander was either highly trained to resist interrogation or an imbecile, Vader left Zander's. In his absence, the Freemakers and Naare freed him. They then headed back to the hangar only to run into Darth Vader and stormtroopers. Naare slipped away into the garbage chute and left the Freemakers to confront the Sith Lord alone.[3]

The Freemakers tried to convince Vader that they were ship repair mechanics. Vader did not believe them until Zander mentioned that had taken an N-1 starfighter on a joyride. Upon seeing the N-1 starfighter, Vader lost control of his impulse and took the ship for a joyride. He was soon pursued by several TIE fighters but destroyed them. Rowan then used a comlink to order the tractor beam projector to drag the N-1 fighter and Vader back into the hangar.[3]

Vader was soon surrounded by several stormtroopers, who wanted to apprehend the "suspected" rebel. However, they quickly apologize when they recognized their master. While Vader punished the stormtroopers using the Force to make them do awkward movements, the Freemakers and Naare escaped on their ships including the N-1 starfighter.[3]


Blazemaker Freemakers

Wick Cooper, receiving the Blazemaker as restitution

Upon returning to the Freemaker Garage, Wick Cooper's N-1 starfighter broke down. Cooper was furious with the Freemakers and demanded restitution. As compensation, Kordi forced Zander to give his favorite Blazemaker prototype to Cooper. Cooper took the ship for a joyride but it quickly blew up since Zander had neglected to fix the fusion tubes. Cooper survived and vowed to sue the Freemakers.[3] Despite this unpleasant encounter, Cooper returned to the Freemaker Garage and got them to service his speeder bike. He also warned Zander not to damage his property.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The forms the main plot of the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season One episode "Zander's Joyride", which premiered on Disney XD on June 22, 2016.


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