"Hello? Who is this? I am looking for the people who are working in the camp. Can you please put one of them on?"
Lisum talking over the radio[src]

A Research Camp in the forests near Kachirho on the planet Kashyyyk was used by a group of researchers in 1 ABY. They had come to the Wookiee homeworld to study the local flora. The camp was located north of the city of Kachirho and consisted of several rather primitive tents made from wood from the surrounding forest and brown tarpaulin. The researchers used a radio to communicate with Lisum.


Kashyyyk research camp

The destroyed Research Camp.

The camp was set up by a group of researchers, including Jillian, Bathoz and Rengar. 1.5 ABY, the dangerous Canopy Bandits attacked the camp, abducted the researchers and destroyed the camp.

When a spacer came upon the camp not longer after the attack, he found it ravaged and deserted. While investigating the camp site, the spacer heard a plea for help over the radio. It came from Lisum who was trying to contact his friends. The spacer promised to help Lisum uncover the researchers' fate. The word "Canopy" could be found scratched on a drum with blood. Lisum concluded that his friends had been taken by the Canopy Bandits. He asked the spacer to travel to the bandits' camp and search for the missing researchers. The spacer returned with bad news — all of Lisum's friends had been killed. Enraged, Lisum asked the spacer to kill the bandits and promised the contents of a sealed box left behind in the destroyed camp as a reward. When the spacer returned successfully from this attack on the Canopy Bandits, Lisum revealed the code and the spacer retrieved a Jawa ion pistol from the safe box.