"I hate Queen Hadiya!"
"Shh, Resi! Hating is wrong—yes, Master Ketu?"
―Resi and Harun[src]

Resi was a male Human youngling who was an initiate in the Je'daii Order on the planet Tython. Born after the end of the Despot War, a conflict that was fought between the Je'daii and the Despot Army of the Despot Queen Hadiya, in 25,805 BBY, Resi had fair skin with freckles, brown eyes, and blond hair. The Force-sensitive boy was trained by the Je'daii Order on Tython, and in 25,793 BBY he and another initiate named Harun listened to Temple Master Ketu teach them about the history of the Order. At the end of Ketu's tale, Resi proclaimed that he hated Hadiya, earning a reprimand from Harun, but Ketu reminded the two children that Hadiya had not been entirely evil. Despite Ketu's admonition that they needed to recognize how they were like Hadiya, Resi stubbornly remained adamant that Hadiya would never be a part of him.[1]

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Resi first appeared in Force Storm 1, the first issue in the Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi comic book series.[1]


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