"Your fleet are rebel scum and war criminals."
Armitage Hux, to Poe Dameron[src]

The Resistance navy, also known as the Resistance fleet, was the naval branch of the Resistance's military forces during the cold war, and the subsequent war with the First Order. The Resistance navy was initially based on D'Qar and saw action during the Battle of Takodana and the Evacuation of D'Qar.


Officer ranks within the navy were Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Commander, Colonel, and Admiral. Ranking members of the Resistance navy could be identified by a badge with blue markings. Aiding the navy was the services of the Starfighter Corps.[5]


Cold warEdit

X-Wings Starkiller Divebomb

X-Wings bombing the thermal oscillator on Starkiller Base.

A number of Resistance and former Rebellion naval officers aided in the effort against the First Order due to the lack of action in the Senate.

First Order–Resistance warEdit

Battle of Starkiller BaseEdit

After the First Order destroyed the Hosnian system, the Resistance deployed its starfighters to Starkiller Base in order to destroy its thermal oscillator, while Han Solo, Chewbacca and Finn disabled the shields, allowing its destruction while the weapon homed in on D'Qar. After Chewbacca detonated the bombs, the navy, after multiple runs at the base and Poe Dameron's decisive solo attack, managed to destroy the inner workings of the oscillator and return to base.[3]


Shortly after Starkiller Base was destroyed, the Resistance fleet began evacuating their base on D'Qar. The escape was interrupted by the arrival of a First Order fleet consisting of three Resurgent-class Star Destroyers and one Mandator-class Star Dreadnaught Fulminatrix. The Fulminatrix bombarded the Resistance base but the rebels had already evacuated into space. To buy time for the Resistance transports to escape, Commander Poe Dameron attacked the dreadnought with his T-70 X-wing fighter, eliminating its surface cannons and clearing the way for the Resistance's Cobalt Squadron to attack. Despite taking out the Fulminatrix, all bombers were lost but the rest of the fleet was able to escape through hyperspace.[6]

When the Resistance jumped out of hyperspace, they were quickly confronted by the First Order fleet, which was led by Supreme Leader Snoke's flagship, the Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy. The First Order had managed to track them down through a new technology known as the hyperspace tracker. For the next eighteen hours, the three remaining Resistance ships including the MC85 Star Cruiser Raddus led the First Order on a chase. After General Organa was wounded during a First Order attack, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo was placed in command of the Resistance fleet.[6]

The demoted Captain Dameron suggested that they come up with a strategy to attack the First Order fleet but she was intent on maintaining their current course of action. As the Resistance fleet ran out of fuel, Admiral Holdo revealed her plan to evacuate the Raddus using a fleet of thirty U-55 orbital loadlifters to travel to the planet Crait, which was home to a former Rebel Alliance base. However, the Resistance's plan was revealed to the First Order by the slicer DJ in exchange for his freedom and a large sum of money. As a result, the First Order attacked the fleeing Resistance ships, destroying all but six.[6]

Admiral Holdo stopped the First Order's assault by ramming the Supremacy with the Raddus. Holdo perished aboard the stricken Raddus with the resulting explosion seriously damaging the Supremacy and several Star Destroyers. Following the Battle of Crait, the surviving members of the Resistance escaped aboard the Millennium Falcon with the help of the last Jedi Rey and Chewbacca.[6]

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