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Resistance ground crews were Resistance personnel that recognized the enormous values of starfighters and kept them in fighting shape. The Resistance relies on these tireless ground crews. Ground crews on D'Qar consist of Technicians, Droids, Engineers, and much more.

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Ground CrewEdit

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Resistance droidsEdit

Power droids, comms droids, astromech and loading droids all play a vital role in keeping the Resistance fighting. With only periodic recharge and maintenance breaks, they diligently work around the chrono to keep equipment operative or to monitor communications and sensor data. Continuing the tradition established by the Rebel Alliance, Resistance droids are granted independence and responsibility and are seen as more than just machines.

Technicians and EngineersEdit

A generational divide exists within the assembled ranks of the Resistance command centre. Older, greying officers who witnessed the destruction of the Galactic Empire lead, inspiring younger volunteers who are barely in their twenties. Though the younger technicians have not witnessed the horrors of tyranny first-hand, they believe the words of their elders and diligently work to track and stop the covert activities of the First Order.

Resistance engineers are older than those of the technicians, mainly because of the high responsibility that comes with handling and fixing large scale but portable electric generators that produce high amounts of power to charge starships and weaponry. The battered Gian-211 patrol speeders serves as an example of the Resistance philosophy of using every asset possible. Technicians and engineers keep the antiquated repulsorlifts on the transport and recon vehicle working.


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