Resolute Base was a Rebel Alliance base located on the humid planet Jagomir. The base was established in 0 BBY after the Alliance forces were driven from their base on Arda I by Imperial forces.



Resolute Base consisted of ten modified pre-fab buildings, many of which were obtained during a raid on the Empire's 74th Imperial Garrison in the Outer Rim Territories. The base was constructed quickly over a matter of several days. The base consisted of four barracks, two medical facilities, two command structures, a mess hall and repair bay.


Commander Danel Qurno, a male Duros, was in command of Resolute Base with a Sullustan named Major Yalor as second in command. The medical bays were run by Doctor Lorren Morrick and several assistants, while the repair bay was run by a male Verpine tech named Clik.