The 'Geneering Products Response iMprOVEMENT Package, or RiMPack for short, was a Cybernetic upgrade designed to drastically improve a sentient's reactions.

The procedure was comprised of an extensive replacement of a sentient's natural nervous system with a synthetic neural web produced by the Poraskors of Betal. This neural net communicated with a sentient's brain via a bio-interface implanted in the Bollen pattern of a sentient's brain—and in turn allowed for exponential reaction time. When activated, the augment would send a users nervous system into overdrive, allowing them to process enormous amounts of sensory data at incredible speeds. Despite the incredible reflexes the augment allowed, it did come with drawbacks; extensive prolonged use without breaks often drove recipients into extreme bouts of paranoid irrationality, with no breaks whatsoever from the device resulting in eventual insanity. Because of this, 'Geneering Products recommended that breaks be taken in between uses, and for the device to be left off when not needed in order to avoid paranoid breakdowns.