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Bassi Vobah: "What's wrong with Officer Fybot, and why in the name of the Eternal is he smiling in that idiotic way?"
Lando Calrissian: "Shock, perhaps. He's broken both his legs—rather, I've broken both his legs. I'm having a bit of trouble regretting it very much, considering the circumstances. Although I wish I knew how to examine him for further damage. I don't know where he's supposed to bend, let alone where he isn't."
Bassi Vobah and Lando Calrissian, examining Waywa Fybot after a resting rack accident[src]

A resting rack or sleeping rack was a device used by the Quor'sav to perch and sleep upon. It vaguely resembled two sawhorses[1] connected by a bar.[2] When a Quor'sav perched and rested upon the structure, the posture triggered a sleep reflex and made the avian being drowsy.[1] Many Quor'sav found this comforting and restful,[3] although the way the device fit around the body could be dangerous should it fall over. In 4 BBY, police officer Waywa Fybot broke his legs when his resting rack toppled during a dogfight involving the Millennium Falcon, upon which he was a passenger.[2]


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