"To fasten your restraint, use the yellow strap to pull the belt out from the right side of the seat, and snap the belt into the buckle on your left."
Aly San San delivering flight safety instructions[src]

A restraint harness, also called restraint or seatbelt, was a safety feature incorporated into spacecraft and ground vehicles. It was designed with the intention of keeping the occupants of the craft safe in the event of a crash. The transport ships used by the Star Tours travel agency, the StarSpeeder 1000 and its upgrade the StarSpeeder 3000, were all equipped with individual restraints for every seat. Luke Skywalker's X-wing also included a restraint, which protected him during a crash landing on Myrkr.

In Roan Novachez's second year at the Jedi academy on Coruscant, he and several other students involved in a food fight were required to take a field trip to observe the workings of the Galactic Senate. When they visited there, the repulsorlifts they used were equipped with seatbelts, which Jedi Master Yoda required them to fasten for safety.