The Restuss Arts Jubilee was the oldest arts festival on the Nabooian moon Rori.[1] It took place in the city of Restuss before it was destroyed in the Battle of Restuss in 1 ABY. The festival was organized by Hefsen Zindalai.


In 1 ABY Zindalai finally convinced an artist of some renown he had been courting for years to attend the festival.[1] To guarantee the safety of the event, Zindalai asked Lord Rusper to make sure that the area around the city was safe from attacks by dangerous animals.[2]

Several incidents nearly jeopardized the event in that year. People from Narmle hired a thief to steal a holo that was used as the centerpiece of the Arts Jubilee. Draya Korbinari hired a spacer to track down the thief before the people of Restuss could learn about the theft. After he caught the thief, the spacer was asked to retrieve the holo from the smuggler who had bought it from the thief.[3] Shortly before the event, a wealthy patron of the festival was attacked by bandits on his way to Restuss, but was saved by an escort sent by Zindalai.[4]

A similar event, the Narmle Arts Gala, was organized by the city of Narmle, leading to some rivalry between the two cities.

Behind the scenesEdit

The festival is part of several small quests from Non-Player Characters (NPC's) in Narmle and Restuss (prior to its destruction in June 2006) in Star Wars Galaxies.


Notes and referencesEdit

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