This article is about an Imperial Curich-class shuttle. You may be looking for Resurgence, a Nebulon-B escort frigate.

The Resurgence was a Sienar Fleet Systems Curich-class shuttle owned by Lord Dixton, recently-named Governor General of the Fakir sector as of 0 ABY.

While en route to jump to hyperspace, and escorted with a few TIE/LN starfighters, the Resurgence was unexpectedly ambused by several X-wing starfighters from the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Resurgence was damaged in its grav motor, but managed to jump to hyperspace.

Far from their intended destination, the Resurgence was forced to land in the nearest inhabitable planet, Abonshee, to perform much needed repairs. At that time, the Rebel yatch Long Shot was on Abonshee as a part of a diplomatic mission. Noticing the approaching imperial vessel, the Long Shot escaped to hyperspace, leaving part of her crew on planet. The Long Shot intended to return with starfighters as reinforcement.

The Resurgence landed on Abonshee and its crew formed around the ship to avoid hostile locals. Eventually, the locals and the Rebels on the planet captured the crew of the Resurgence. Their commanding officer, General Lens Reekeene, sent technicians to perform the repairs on the shuttle so that the Rebellion could add this ship to their contingent.