"Consider, Talon Karrde, a merchant ship carrying three cargoes to a politically tense world: rethan-K, promhassic triaxli, and aleudrupe berries. All harmless, all legal, none worth so much as a raised voice from either Imperial customs or officials of the New Republic."

Rethan-K was a harmless, legal cargo item. However, when combined with promhassic triaxli and the pips of aleudrupe berries that had been chemically altered on the planet Varonat by the fertilized slime secreted by the Morodins, the three innocuous items created a blaster gas as powerful as spin-sealed Tibanna gas. Gamgalon, a Krish, transported cargoes of the three substances to politically tense planets, enjoying the profits of weapons smuggling with none of the risk.[1]


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