Return was a game that was played on the planet Klatooine. The game involved two opposing teams, and the captain of one team would stand on their own and throw a round ball to one of their teammates, who would them attempt to run past the members of the opposing team with the ball to "return" it to their captain, while the other team tried to intercept the ball. The receiver also had the option of throwing the ball to another member of their own team, although in doing so they risked having the ball be seized by the other team. If a member the opposing team was able to get the ball, that player would become the new captain and would throw the ball to one of their own teammates, who would then attempt to "return" it.

In 44 BBY, Return was frequently played by children at an encampment on Klatooine that had been established by a coalition of resistance groups. During one such game, a Klatooinian boy deliberately threw the ball at the the Solo family and a delegation of Hapan officials after being bribed to do so by the Sith Saber Querdan Dei, an agent of the Lost Tribe of Sith who had journeyed to Klatooine on a mission to assassinate the Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo.