Revah was a female Human hailing from the Outer Rim world Saleucami. A decoy serving the Pirate Queen of the Veiled Sorority, Revah was active during the Sorority's conflict with the Zann Consortium during the Galactic Civil War.


Living on Saleucami during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Revah served the Pirate Queen of the Veiled Sorority as her body double and loyal servant. Revah had served the Sorority for over a decade and had reached middle-age. She wore a mask that altered her face to maintain the ruse of her hidden identity. Though Revah hoped to become Queen herself one day, her dreams were dashed when her bodyguard, Mandi, abandoned her in the Sorority's base in the Blackwind Crater and allowed her to be captured by agents of the Zann Consortium. Revah carried a blaster pistol and vibroknife for her own protection, but despite this was captured and executed.[1]


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