Reveth was a female Twi'lek who served in the crew of the pirate Sidon Ithano.


Race for the lost treasure of Count DookuEdit

As a member of Sidon Ithano's pirate crew, Reveth was present on the planet Ponemah Terminal when Pendewqell decoded a transmission from the Obrexta III and the crew set out onboard the Shrike to search for the supposed lost treasure of Count Dooku. Reveth took over the gunning station after her fellow pirate Reeg Brosna was swept overboard by a class three sandstorm in the Sea of Sand. When the Shrike came under attack by Scorza's gang and the Gray Gundarks, she launched magnetic tow cables onto the side of Scorza's skiff via torpedo in order to pull the Shrike out of the eye of the sandstorm. A few minutes later, the kinetic disruptor that Brosna had fired froze the particles of the sandstorm, allowing the remaining crew of the Shrike to escape the battle.[1]

The crew then discovered the wreckage of the Obrexta III. They hurried through the ship, aware that the battle droids onboard were rectivating. Reveth studied the ship's holo-schematics and located its vault. Inside the vault, they found a cryo-cycle stasis pod containing Republic clone trooper CT-6116. Pendewquell opened the pod and Reveth attempted to help the trooper stand, but he pushed her away, shouting. CT-6116 fought the pirates while recalling his capture and interrogation by Separatist forces before falling to the floor. Reveth pointed out that he was likely suffering from stasis poisoning, and placed a breath mask over the clone's face once he finally fell unconscious. The crew then fled the vault to escape the wreckage with CT-6116 in tow. As they reached the hatch, they witnessed a sand worm destroying the Shrike. Ithano sent his crew as well as the clone out of the wreck in the single remaining escape pod, leaving the captain behind.[1]

Three weeks later, Reveth, along with the other remaining crew members and CT-6116, was in a bar on Ponemah when Ithano approached them with the memory core of the Obrexta III, which would allow them to locate and salvage the secret Separatist installations left over from the Clone Wars.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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