"We blew holorelays, robbed banks, kidnapped poilticos and corporate honchos... did a lot of damage."
―Kaliyo Djannis[src]

The Revolutionary Edge Brigade was a cell of Brentaal anarchists operating during the Cold War. Led by a Human male called The Wheezer and composed of Kaliyo Djannis and about 10 other people, the group engaged in kidnapping, sabotage and armed robbery, among other activities. At some point Kaliyo left the group and had no further contacts with it until 3641 BBY, when Wheezer contacted her and arranged a meeting on Nal Hutta. Kaliyo arrived in the company of Cipher Nine and in the ensuing shoot-out, the two were forced to eliminate both Wheezer and every other cell member still alive, putting a final end to the Edge Brigade.