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"I've flown lots of ships, at least by simulator. And one real ship, for a little while -- a Ghtroc 690 freighter. But I don't want to talk about that."

Rey's 690 light freighter was a freighter that crashed on Jakku sometime before the Battle of Starkiller Base. It was found by the scavenger Rey, who planned to repair it and sell it to Niima Outpost junk boss, Unkar Plutt. Rey was assisted in the repairs by fellow scavengers Devi and Strunk, who ultimately stole the ship.


The Accident and RediscoveryEdit

"Look at this thing! How'd you find it?"
―Devi to Rey[src]

According to Rey's theories when examining the wreck, the freighter was originally used for illegal activities before its crash. When the accident happened, the crew programmed the ship to land on Jakku for future recovery, while they used the escape pods to flee the ship. For whatever reason, they never recovered their ship, which crashed in the Goazon Badlands, near the Crackle, where it lay for some time.[1]

Rey first found the freighter while on a salvage run in the Crackle. Discovering that the ship was mostly intact and could possibly be repaired, she inventoried the needed repairs, planning to refurbish the ship to spaceworthiness before selling it to Unkar Plutt.[1]


"It needs a lot of work"

Although intact, the freighter had substantial damage. Rey spent five months struggling with the repairs alone. Her difficulties lay in finding the right replacement equipment and still salvaging enough to have pieces to trade to Unkar Plutt.[1]


"We can help you fix this thing up, Rey."
―Devi to Rey[src]

Defending the GhtrocEdit

"It's my ship, do you understand? You can't have it. Leave. Go away. I don't want to fight. I don't want to fight, But I will. I will."
―Rey to the Teedos[src]

Test FlightEdit

"First flight? Mine too."
―Rey to Strunk[src]

Taking the freighter to NiimaEdit

"I think they've never seen anything like this."
―Devi to Rey[src]
Two days after installing the hyperdrive, Rey, Devi, and Strunk flew the freighter into Nima Outpost for the sale. Rey left Devi and Strunk onboard the ship while she went to Unkar's Concession Stand to broker the sale. However, Devi and Strunk stole the ship while Rey was off, leaving for parts unknown[1]. Rey would later write about the freighter in in her journal, although she didn't want to go into great detail about what happened.[2]

Re-Sale Price on JakkuEdit

"We help you fix it up, we do shares of the sale, split whatever Unkar's willing to pay."
―Devi to Rey[src]

While salvaging her freighter, Rey tried to determine the price that she would sell it to Unkar Plutt for. For the wreck as-was, Rey wondered if she could get a hundred or five hundred portions. After an overview and deciding to repair the ship first, she raised her hopes to five thousand portions, a speeder, tools, a generator, and first pick of salvage for five years.[1]

Devi's first estimation of the ship's value was six or seven thousand portions if the ship was space worthy, even more if it had a hyperdrive. When convincing Rey to take them on as partners and split the profit, she amended her figure to about ten thousand portions total.[1]

When the ship was completely finished, with a hyperdrive, Devi still wanted the minimal sale to be ten thousand portions, while Rey intended to up that figure to thirty thousand portions. Devi and Strunk ultimately stole the freighter before it cold be sold, leaving the actual sale price unknown.[1]


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