Rhe Pabs was a male Pho Ph'eahian technician who served aboard the BioCruiser, a massive, nomadic ship owned by the company UniFy (Offworld Mining Corporation).


A Pho Ph'eahian, Rhe Pabs was a tech worker (with some medic training) serving aboard the UniFy-owned BioCruiser when Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi was brought aboard and wounded. During Jedi Kenobi's stay, the ship was sabotaged and rigged to self-destruct by a traitorous spy named Kern. Agreeing to assist Uni, the leader of the BioCruiser, in holding the ship together as its passengers evacuated, Kenobi and Pabs were able to escape further injury and did their part to assist others and steady the ship until it could land on Tentrix, where it was afterwards repaired.[1]



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