The Rhen Var Harbor was an ancient location on the planet Rhen Var in use before the planet was plunged into an ice-age.[2] The harbor served one of many sites where the Second Battle of Rhen Var took place during the Clone Wars.[1]

The goal of the Galactic Republic was to take over the Separatist sensor station that was located in the harbor. The Republic was able to infiltrate the harbor through a series of ice tunnels, as well as the use of AT-TEs.[1]

The Rhen Var Harbor was a massive fortress that also included an old lighthouse and a small Citadel. A set of ruins was to the west of the fortress.[2]

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The Rhen Var Harbor appears in a map in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Battlefront. During the Historical Campaign, the battle on the map appears as a Galactic Republic mission, although the game's story is secondary continuity, according to Leland Chee, the keeper of Lucasfilm Ltd.'s Holocron continuity database. The map is also available in the game's sequel via an Xbox Live patch.



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