Rhigar 3 was the outermost of the three moons orbiting the planet Rhigar in the Rata Nebula. Rhigar was home to the Chiss military academy which Jag Fel once attended. Seen from the surface of the world it orbited, Rhigar 3 appeared blue in color, and it was probably predominantly, or even totally, covered in water.[2]

Although its orbit was beyond those of Asdroni and the inner forest moon, Rhigar 3 had a climate that was almost tropical , and oceans with impressive coral reefs.[4]

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Most of the available information on Rhigar 3, including its name, is given in the novel The New Jedi Order: Dark Journey—in Red Sky, Blue Flame, the third moon of the academy world is simply described as "distant" and "blue". It is from this one mention of the name of Rhigar 3 that the name Rhigar has been inferred for the academy world itself. The name of the planet was later confirmed in The Essential Atlas.



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