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Rhydonium canisters.

"It's a fuel mostly been mined out on Abafar. It's volatile and dangerous."

Rhydonium was a volatile type of fuel, found for the most part on the remote planet Abafar.



The explosion caused by rhydonium was immensely powerful.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems had a mining facility that extracted rhydonium on Abafar, in the settlement of Pons Ora. This rhydonium was later stored aboard a hijacked Republic cruiser so as to ram the space station hosting the Republic Strategy Conference in the Carida system, thus killing scores of Jedi and Republic officers. However, the actions of R2-D2 and D-Squad prevented this by first speeding up the ship then activating the bombs earlier, destroying the ship and all battle droid forces but saving the conference.



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