Keyan Farlander was awarded with several ribbons for his service in the Rebel Alliance.

Ribbons, also known as tour ribbon were a type of award system issued to soldiers in various militaries at various instances in galactic history. They represented a soldier's tour of duty during their service.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance starfighter pilot Keyan Farlander was awarded with these ribbons for each tour of duty he completed with the Rebel Alliance, which included his participation in halting Operation Strike Fear, his actions during Operation Skyhook, his role in the Battle of Yavin, his role in evacuating several Rebel transports and escorting them to Hoth, and his role in evacuating Hoth. The Rebel Alliance's tour ribbons always contained 12 ribbons per tour of duty completed, regardless of the actual amount of missions completed within one tour of duty. He kept his first three on his uniform, while the remaining two he kept in a medals case.