"Another Jedi, eh? Helping that Twi'lek investigate, no doubt. He seems stumped."
―Rickard to Revan[src]

Rickard Lusoff was a Human male who lived on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War. He planned to murder his business partner Calder Nettic for cheating him out of a business deal.


Lusoff and Nettic ran a small surface-to-orbit transport business out of Garang Spaceport for Aratech for over twenty years prior to and during the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War. At some point Lusoff accused Nettic of cheating him in a business deal. Their quarrel reached such a violent level that Jedi Tooka was dispatched to the scene to restore order.

By 3956 BBY Lusoff believed that Nettic had been cheating him out of credits from the profits of their business and attempted to kill him while the latter roamed the plains of Dantooine. He was too late, however, as Handon Guld had already committed the crime in retaliation for his wife having an affair with Nettic. Mistaking Guld for Nettic, Lusoff shot the other man who then activated his emergency signal beacon summoning the Jedi Bolook, who happened to be nearby. Though Bolook attempted to solve the case, he appeared to have some trouble.

It was at this moment the amnesiac Revan and a pair of his companions arrived on the scene shortly thereafter just as the Twi'lek Jedi Knight was beginning his own investigation into the incident. After being invited make his own investigation, Revan conducted a series of interviews with Lusoff and Guld as well as with an information retrieval droid that Bolook had summoned from the Enclave.

Lusoff tried to hide his guilt by claiming that he was out hunting iriaz. He claimed that when he saw one such animal he shot it, but when he went over to check he saw Guld standing over Nettic's body. However, Lusoff also claimed he couldn't see what he was doing too well because the sun was in his eyes. His lie began to fall apart when Revan confronted him with the fact that the sky was overcast at that time, and so there wouldn't have been any sun in his eyes.

Revan proceeded to interview Lusoff about how well he knew Nettic. Lusoff grudgingly admitted his business history with Nettic but neglected to tell Revan about the cheating scandal. However, the information droid gave Revan this vital piece of the puzzle. Revan then asked Lusoff about the weapon that was found by Nettic's body. Lusoff said that Nettic kept an Echani light blaster rifle at his home, but also said that the blaster found at the body was not it, and that he had never seen it before. Following several more interviews with Guld, the droid, and Bolook, Revan surmised the true scenario: Guld had killed Nettic for sleeping with his wife and Lusoff had fired on Guld, who he mistook for Nettic, to avenge having been cheated in business. Lusoff and Guld were both taken into custody to be formally charged for their crimes. While Guld was charged with murder, Lusoff was charged with attempted murder as well as aggravated assault and attempted murder on Guld.