Riddell is a sports souvenir company based in Des Plaines, Illinois. Although they specialized in equipment relating to baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, softball, track and field, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling, Riddell was most famous for its line of American football helmets.

Riddell was initially the distributor for the Riddell mini-helmets line of collectibles for Star Wars merchandising, which produced five helmets: Darth Vader's helmet, Boba Fett's helmet, C-3PO's head, a stormtrooper helmet, and Luke's X-wing helmet. However, further plans to continue production, including the creation of a TIE pilot helmet, were discontinued after Master Replicas took over.

Besides the helmets, Riddell also planned to release lamps based on the characters from the movie. However, productions for the souvenirs were cancelled before they could be sold due to Riddell cancelling the mini-helmet line, with only two known prototypes being completed: a C-3PO lamp and a Darth Vader lamp.

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