"It was terrible, there was so much blood and damage. Bodies were everywhere. I kept looking, hoping to see a Jedi, but there's never one around when you need one these days."
―Rievale Creterk[src]

Rievale Creterk was a female flight attendant who witnessed a brawl between Houk and Weequay in Eastport, which was located on the planet Coruscant.


In Eastport, Coruscant, a melee erupted between Houk and Weequay immigrants who were placed in adjacent holding rooms while waiting to be processed. Cultural enemies, they verbally assaulted each other before resorting to physical violence.

Since blasters were not allowed within the processing area, no shots were fired. However, those involved made use of blades and shivs to harm each other. In the end, fifteen were left for dead with forty-five wounded.

Creterk suffered a broken arm in the incident.



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