Riga Lanchenzoor was the Executive Viceprex of the Corporate Sector Authority's Financial Division.


Lanchenzoor was the youngest person to become chief manager for the Bank of Aargau,[1] and later came into the employ of the Corporate Sector Authority's Financial Division. Thanks to her shrewdness and ambition, Lanchenzoor was made the Executive Viceprex of that division, a position that she held for the next twenty years—longer than any other Executive Viceprex. While running the Financial Division, Lanchenzoor showed a considerable intolerance for the duplicity that was prevalent within the Authority's other divisions, as well as a dedication to her work, despite being in her sixties.

During her tenure as the head of the Financial Division, Lanchenzoor held the view that the Authority should cease the practice of pegging its currency to that of the Galactic Empire, but others in the Authority's leadership who feared that the Empire would not take kindly to such an affront and opposed her plans. Lanchenzoor was undaunted by the opposition she faced and continued to push for the Authority to establish an independent currency, figuring that she would either change the minds of those who opposed her or wait for them to leave their positions of power.


Notes and referencesEdit

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