Rigell was the captain of the Compellor, an Immobilizer 418 cruiser. Rigell joined with Battlegroup Orion to pursue and destroy the Liberty. However, the Liberty wanted the Compellor to pursue them so that they would be lured into an ambush. Upon realizing there was no way to win the battle, Rigell managed to get the Compellor to safety at the KDY-77 repair yard at the Swellen system. But the Rebels sent a strike force to capture the Interdictor. Realizing the goal of the Rebel strike team, he ordered the Compellor to disengage from space dock and head for the safety of hyperspace. Green Squadron, however, disabled the escaping Interdictor, paving the way for the Assault Transport Lomavcek to board and capture the Compellor. Despite Imperial reinforcements, the Compellor was captured. What happened to Rigell was unknown, although it is likely he was captured or killed during the capture of the Compellor.