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"Any idea where [Groodo] might be?"
"I'll interrogate Holowan when she comes around. But I think he may be on Balmorra."
"Because that's where his brother lives."
"I didn't know Groodo had a brother."
"That's because you've never been to Balmorra. And I have.
―Bounty hunters Zam Wesell and Jango Fett.[src]

Rigorra was a Hutt Warlord from Balmorra and the brother of Groodo.

The warlord's castle, located west of the center of Balmorra's capital city, had a distinctive conical tower that rose up through the industrialized planet's dense smog.[1]


"I'm hunting a felon who came from Esseles."
"You're hunting Rigorra's brother."
"So you know about Groodo?"
"From Esseles. I'm smart."
"I never said you weren't. So tell me. Why are
you on Balmorra?"
"You're not
working for Rigorra, are you?"
Hunting Rigorra."
"Who's paying you?"
"No bounty. It's personal."
"It's personal."
"You can't get into Rigorra's castle alone."
"No kidding. Hard target. I need help. Like you.
―Bounty hunters Jango Fett and Aurra Sing.[src]

When bounty hunter Jango Fett approached Rigorra's castle in 23 BBY, while on a Darth Tyranus-commissioned hunt for Groodo, he noted that the fortress had defenses that would put most military outposts to shame. Any invader lucky enough to survive a jaunt through the minefields would only be picked off by one of the many turret-mounted multidirectional laser cannons. But Jango eventually discovered what appeared to be a way in—the only problem being, that it would require another person, preferably a mercenary soldier or another bounty hunter. Fett almost wished he'd brought along fellow hunter Zam Wesell, who'd earlier offered to fill that very role.[1]

Luckily, Jango soon bumped into fellow hunter Aurra Sing, who, for "personal" reasons, happened to be hunting the warlord Rigorra. She agreed to let Fett have Groodo, who didn't interest her in the least, and to work together in common cause to infiltrate Rigorra's castle, which both recognized as a hard target. Despite her unstable personality, Aurra was probably the best partner Fett could find on such short notice.[1]

Rigorra's "Death Run"Edit

"You seemed like just a gun for hire,
But since you crossed the stream of fire,
And beat the snake and foiled the fish,
You have me thinking: Don't I wish
This clown would just lay down and die!
But hey, let's give it one more try.
Mark my words, 'cause I'm no bluffer:
My rough game will now get rougher!
―Rigorra the Hutt, to "Death Run" competitor Jango Fett.[src]

But in the bounty hunter duo's attempt to infiltrate Rigorra's castle, they were attacked and subdued by strange, toxic flowers in their approach from the castle's southern field. The same fate awaited bounty hunters Bossk and Skorr, who'd also soon arrived at the castle in pursuit of Groodo. The four captive bounty hunters awoke from their toxin-induced slumbers at the center of Rigorra's spectator-filled entertainment arena, where they were told (or rather sung) that they were to compete against one another (without intermission) to uncover three droid-hidden vials containing part of the liquid antidote to the poisonous toxins in the hunters' bodies that otherwise would kill them all within a standard hour. If they cheated, they'd be beaten. If they refused to compete in the subterranean traps-and-hazards competition, they would be served up as the evening meal for Rigorra's guests.[1]

After passing through several hazards (including a run-in with a native stunfinn), Fett encountered three Arakyd Industries Mark-X Executioner droids—from the chest cavities of which, upon vanquishing, he was able to extract with a small vibro-blade the requisite vials of blue, red, and clear liquids necessary to mix an effective antidote against the effects of the deadly flower. But Jango's body was already twisting in pain, and his sight blurred, as the effects of the poison hit his nervous system. He couldn't die now, for Boba needed him. Fett fought to prevent himself from going into shock as he arranged the different-shaped vials in an interlocking manner that would precisely mix the liquids to create the correct dark-purple antidote. Successful, his vision immediately cleared and his bodily pain dissipated upon taking a sip of the liquid. And finally, after one last bout with Rigorra's prized Razor Eater assassin droid—a conquest assisted and completed by Aurra Sing and her Czerka Adventurer slugthrower—Fett won Rigorra's "Death Run." Fett quickly administered the antidote to Sing, who, having collapsed, had used her last bit of strength to destroy the Razor Eater. The bodies of bounty hunters Bossk and Skorr, on the other hand, proved immune, after all, to the lethal effects of the toxic flower. In the corpulent villains' attempts at protest and escape, however, Sing stun-shot Rigorra, and Fett pursued and stun-shot a gravsled-fleeing Groodo, capturing the Hutt, at last, for delivery to Darth Tyranus on Geonosis.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Two bounty hunters have been apprehended while attempting to infiltrate the castle. It is the express wish of His Corpulency Rigorra, Your Master of Ceremonies and Warlord of Balmorra, that your entertainment continue at the arena! ... Contraltos and miscreants! Creatures of all ages! Welcome to Rigorra the Hutt's Impromptu Semiannual Balmorra Death Run!"
―Rigorra the Hutt to his assembled castle music room and entertainment arena audiences.[src]

Rigorra was a generous host to those who found favor with him—including his brother Groodo, to whom he conferred the title of Balmorra warlord and gave a key to his castle's fermented-beverage cellar. But in spite of the security and hospitality, there was one caveat to being a guest at Rigorra's castle: Rigorra loved to entertain—and more specifically, Rigorra was always the entertainment (he loved to sing and dance). It was therefore a welcome respite for his minions whenever anyone was captured within the premises of the castle—as occurred with the four bounty hunters—and were, thereby, designated the new focus of entertainment. All amusement and spectacle was then transitioned to the castle arena, where it shifted to 'impromptu' mode, compliments of the hapless captives.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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