Rigovian Technical University was one of the greatest institutes of technical knowledge in the Old Republic.[1]

Raith Sienar attended the prestigious institution; a female classmate from the University later constructed an assassin droid that killed her, and Sienar later acquired it to place predominantly in his private museum of "failed experiments" (totaling more than two thousand exhibits). Sienar's collection of technological failures by a plethora of galactic entities—alternatively cathartic and inspiring in various ways—was housed in a 500-meter-long nave situated more than a kilometer below the central factory floor of Sienar Systems' main Coruscant plant. He retained this particular failure as "a cautionary reminder not to overstep one's competence," that he was not immune to fallibility and to "always think three times before acting" upon any given technological enterprise and, even then, to "always prepare three alternatives" as insurance against failure.[1]


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