"Mardec's story is certainly a tragic one: he was a man who worked hard for his family only to have them taken from him."
Lieutenant Commander Detta Rotan, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Riic Mardec was a Human cab driver.


A native of Gotida, Mardec lived in Jalor City with his wife Lina and two daughters, Sale and Fora. He was a law-abiding citizen worked as a cab driver fourteen years. He wanted to save enough money to move to a better place to raise his daughters.

Unfortunately, in 2 ABY, the Mardecs (except for Riic) died in a crossfire when the Galactic Empire attacked a Rebel cell. The "collateral damage" could have happened due to Rebel or Imperial fire, but Mardec began blaming the "revolutionary" Alliance. Afterward, he began frequenting canteens and saying he would get revenge.

Rebel cell leader Detta Rotan considered a formal apology to Mardec in the name of the Alliance, no matter who was really guilty. Should Mardec refuse the apology, Rotan suggested helping him as much as possible.