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"A parasite. Native to Ringo Vinda. Probably in the canteen of water they both shared. It did cause the inhibitors to decay, once the parasite had taken hold."
Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's "official" explanation of the erratic behaviors of CT-5555 and CT-5385[src]

Ringo Vinda was a planet located in the galaxy's Mid Rim.[1] It was orbited by a ring-shaped space station,[3] a civilian graving dock,[4] that was controlled by the Galactic Republic until it was taken by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, which resulted in an extended campaign to retake the planet.[3] However, Republic forces withdrew from Ringo Vinda when clone trooper CT-5385 executed Jedi Master Tiplar when Protocol 66 was accidentally triggered in his inhibitor chip, leaving the world under Separatist control.[2] Officially, CT-5385's mental instability was said to be caused by a parasitic infection native to Ringo Vinda that caused his inhibitor to decay and a vaccine was prepared to inoculate the other clones and prevent similar incidents in the future, hiding the true nature of Order 66.[5]

After the end of the Clone Wars, Ringo Vinda fell under the control of the Galactic Empire and its ring station was converted into an enormous construction facility that churned out massive Imperial-class Star Destroyers for the Imperial Navy.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ringo Vinda first appeared in "The Unknown," the first episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' sixth and final season,[2] which originally aired on February 15, 2014.[6] Its design was derived from early concept art[7] of Cato Neimoidia[8] that was developed by Ryan Church during the concept design phase of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[7]


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Ring Planet

Early concept art of Cato Neimoidia, dubbed simply "Ring Planet," that was developed into Ringo Vinda.

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