"The Sinking Fields always make me think of and old scavenger named Riok Ragul."
―Rey writes about Ragul in her guide[src]

Riok Ragul was a male scavenger who lived on the planet Jakku sometime after the Battle of Endor. Every few weeks, he would travel into the area known as the Sinking Fields, wearing large flat-soled shoes that spread his weight out and stopped him from sinking into the desert. He claimed the weight spreading tactic was a trick originally used by the Teedo species. Ragul eventually failed to return from one of his trips into the fields, and rumors arose that he had been eaten by a nightwatcher worm or killed by Teedos after discovering one of their secrets. The younger scavenger Rey remembered Ragul, and wrote about him in a survival guide she created. In the guide she dismissed the rumors about Ragul's fate and suggested instead that he probably died in a more mundane way, after either one of his shoes or his water recycler broke, or after he became lost in the desert or one of the storms that the Teedo called X'us'R'iia.[1]

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Riok Ragul was first mentioned in Rey's Survival Guide, a replica journal written by Jason Fry and released in 2015.


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