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The Riorians were aquatic insectoids living on the planet Rior.



Loje Nella, a member of the haired Riorian variety.

Peaceful by nature, they were distinguishable by two distinctly different varieties. Some Riorians, such as Loje Nella, were vermiforms measuring 1 meter in length and had two large, ridged flaps of skin that extended from either side of the head and had a pair of sharp, claw-like pincers extended from the midsection, which can be used as manipulators. They also had tufts of green hair on their scalps. A second variety were humanoids that stand 2.5 meters in height, which had gills and a large cranial sac. They had eyes with red sclerae with black pupils. With their non-protruding mouths closed, they had the appearance of not having such structures. They also had non-protruding noses.


At some time in their ancient past, Riorians descended from the cliffborer worms of Tatooine. One of the haired Riorian variety, Loje Nella, came under the employ of Jabba the Hutt as his accountant.


Cliffborer worms, Riorians' ancient ancestors.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Leland Chee's Holocron Continuity Database, he is debating if Loje Nella is a Riorian.[1] For the time being, Loje will be considered a Riorian. Note that the CCG states Loje Nella belongs to a sentient species descended from Tatooine's cliffborer worms. However, it is possible that he is in fact a Rutanian or Senali, an offshoot species of the Rutanian.



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