"Unlike the average Riorian, Stalnus evidently never learned to settle disputes with anything but a vibroaxe."
Airen Cracken[src]

Riorians were an insectoid[2] sentient species native to the planet Rior. They were characterized by their large, red eyes and sensitive hearing. While most were peaceful, a maniacal male Riorian known as Stalnus was wanted for murder by the New Republic[1] by the year 7 ABY.[3] In addition, at least one Riorian was a member of the Karazak Slavers Cooperative.[4]

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While Leland Chee, keeper of the Holocron continuity database, initially confirmed that Loje Nella was a Riorian,[5] he later debated whether this was truly accurate and said that the identity of her species should be determined in a future source.[6] Ultimately, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, a three-volume encyclopedia edited by Bob Vitas[7] and released on December 9, 2008,[8] confirmed that Nella was an "intelligent cliff-borer worm."[9]



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