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"So predictable, you Jedi. I organize a prison riot, and you come running all the way across the galaxy... Just so I can kill you."

The riot at the M'Bardi Prison occurred on the planet M'Bardi during the Clone Wars.


During the Clone Wars, the bounty hunter Durge instigated a riot at the M'Bardi Prison, hoping to attract Jedi to kill. Jedi Masters Kit Fisto and Plo Koon eventually showed up, trying to recapture all the escaped prisoners. After the Jedi had fought off several prisoners, Durge revealed himself by shooting missiles at the two. He then engaged Fisto and Koon in close combat while boasting about how his plan had worked. Both his arms were cut off, but thanks to his Gen'Dai physiology he was still able to subdue the Masters. As he strangled them, he was shot in the chest by an intervening prisoner. The Jedi took advantage of his surprise, escaping and trapping the bounty hunter in the lower levels of the prison, though Fisto remarked that such a confinement would not hold him for long. Until reinforcements could arrive, the Jedi Masters headed back to the rioting prisoners and took Xamus/Sumax with them to watch their backs, offering him a second chance by earning time off for good behavior.[1]


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