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"We need reinforcements in here! Now!"
―A Coruscant Guard trooper during the prison riot.[src]

A riot occurred at the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center in 21 BBY between the Coruscant Guard and the prisoners. Though the Guard was able to restore order, three prisoners were able to escape and several were killed.


"Part of my plan. Paid off the kid to create a diversion."
―Cad Bane[src]

The riot was instigated by bounty hunter Cad Bane to provide a cover for his and Moralo Eval's escape. The riot began when Bane had a young Boba Fett confront Rako Hardeen demanding Hardeen apologize to him for killing Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and depriving Fett of the bounty. Unknown to everyone, Hardeen was Kenobi in an undercover disguise.


Hardeen and Fett fought each other before they were stopped by two troopers. However, the guards were knocked out by the Trandoshan Bossk who attacked Hardeen for fighting with Fett. At that point another trooper and three others arrived to stop Bossk. However, as they began to fight Bossk the other prisoners joined the riot. A trooper on the balcony called for reinforcements while stunning the prisoners. As the riot grew, the troopers turned off their stun settings and began killing the prisoners that attacked them. During the confusion Eval and Bane began to make their escape. They were joined by Hardeen who convinced them to take him with them.


The troopers were able to restore order though many prisoners were killed necessitating that they be cremated. Arriving at the detention center's morgue, the three were able to enter the chute cases before two clones arrived. The clone sent them down to the cremation center. There they attacked and killed the three clones on duty. Moving the loading bay, the three prisoners were able to overwhelm the troopers stationed there and escape in a Coruscant police speeder.

Behind the scenesEdit

The riot first appeared in the fifteenth episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series' fourth season, titled "Deception".