Ripter was a male who served under Captain Huba in the Indobok Pirates. Formerly a cook along with the rest of the gang, he was forced to work in a crystal mine after Olag Greck framed the chefs for an attempted poisoning of Boonda the Hutt. After escaping the mine, he helped steal the Tharen Wayfarer from the Pitareeze family. During the capture, the pirates also took the droids C-3PO and R2-D2. When the duo tried to escape from the pirates, Ripter challenged C-3PO to a vump-shugga race. While Ripter reached the Captain's pendant first, C-3PO managed to snatch it from his hand, sending Ripter and his swoop straight in to a group of vynocks. Ripter survived the resulting crash and made his way back to the pirates' camp just in time to scare Olag Greck and his henchman, Xob, away.

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