"On Voss, our passions are suppressed until marriage. The Rite of Ardor awakens intensity and creates a bond between husband and wife."
―Phi-Ton to Cipher Nine.[src]

The Rite of Ardor was a ritual conducted by the Voss when two of their kind conducted their marriages. This rite had the affect of fulling awakening any mating instinct by the Voss as this was typically suppressed in their society. As such, they did not feel traits such as physical attraction until the ritual was conducted. In certain cases, it was possible for non-Voss outsiders to take part in the rite though they were capable of refusing it.[1]

During the Cold War, Cipher Nine traveled to Voss in order to learn more about the secret society known as the Star Cabal. This was because a suspected Cabal agent by the name of The Shining Man present on the planet. In this time, the Cipher Agent met with Sith infiltrator Bas-Ton to uncover the secrets of the Shining Man. Bas-Ton's findings uncovered a secret within the Voss carvings in the Nightmare Lands but he was killed by agents of Voontara Fa'athra the Hutt. To discover the Cabal's secrets, the Cipher Agent when to Bas-Ton's family where they declared the only way an outsider was able to see the sacred carvings by marriage to a Voss. As a result, the Imperial Agent had the choice of going through the Voss marriage ceremony including the Rite of Ardor with one of Bas-Ton's children.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Depending on the player's gender, they can either conduct the ritual with Yana-Ton if male or Phi-Ton if female. Alternatively, the player can refuse to conduct the rite.


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