Ritte Nikols was a Human male who was the son of Captain Arrin Nikols of the InterStellar Regulators mercenary army and his wife Blanca Nikols. A fair-skinned Human with black eyes, Ritte inherited his mother's black hair. The three lived on the planet Makeb, which was conquered by the Hutt Cartel in 3639 BBY, and the Hutts' mining operations soon caused the planet to start tearing itself apart. Ritte's father quit the Regulators, who had been bribed by the Hutts to help them conquer Makeb, and in desperation his forces attacked a number of Republic evac camps and took civilians hostage in order to secure passage aboard the Ark that was being prepared to evacuate Makeb's civilians.

Ritte's father was defeated by Republic forces, but his mother intervened with Ritte before Nikols could be killed and convinced the Republic forces to permit Nikols to live. Ritte's father then accompanied his son and wife to the Ark, and while waiting to board, Ritte was told by his mother to write a letter to the Republic operative who had spared Nikols. Ritte wrote the letter as practice for writing to his father, though he personally had not believed that the Republic hero would have killed his father.[2]


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