The Ritual Tale of Kibh Jeen was one experimental policy to train Padawans, used in the Almas Academy.

Jedi Padawan Kibh Jeen fell to the dark side when visiting the Almas Sith fortress, killing his master and spreading destruction through the Cularin system in the Dark Jedi Conflict, until his death in 181 BBY. The Jedi Order decided to build an Academy in the same planet of the fortress, Almas, to keep the fortress watched.

Jedi Master Nerra Ziveri, headmaster of the Academy since its inception in 119 BBY, understood that the best way to protect students from the dark side was showing them its effects. Every year, Ziveri told the tale of Kibh Jeen to his students, as an advice against the temptation of the dark side, and the temptation to explore the nearby fortress. This was the first Ritual Tale of Kibh Jeen.

In due time, Ziveri stopped telling the Ritual Tale in person, delegating this work to one of the oldest students.

Later, the students decided to transform the narrative Tale in a theatrical production, when a Master will play the complex role of Jeen, and the older students performed the other parts. In years with too many old students, there were different representations and a friendly competition, valuing drama, meaning and insight of the performances.

Ziveri's successor as headmaster, Lanius Qel-Bertuk, continued this practice.