Riun Riev was a male Sullustan engineer who worked for Incom Corporation around the time of its nationalization by the Galactic Empire in 1 BBY. Many of the other engineers defected, but Riun was not in a position to escape and continued working for the corporation out of fear for his life. His proficiency ensured that he was one of the only nonhumans allowed to stay; his first task as overseeing engineer was to erase the "Rebel image" of the company.

Riun lived and worked on Fresia, under the supervision of Colonel Faltun Garr. Most of his tasks revolved around the Howlrunner project. It was his decision not to equip the Howlrunners with hyperdrives. His office overlooked the Afterburner Arches, where he often sat and daydreamed, searching for inspiration in the sky and the sea, and secretly hoping for a team of Rebel commandos to liberate the planet. Riun was assisted in his duties by an R5-series astromech droid.

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