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The ro hypa was a red and black snake-like creature native to the Greater Javin region. The creature moved among the arid deserts of planets such as Mataou through the use of four black, boneless, tentacled legs. Ro hypas were covered in red and black scales, and were known to be one of the most venomous creatures in the Outer Rim Territories. The sight of one often induced great fear in the onlooker, and one bite from a ro hypa quickly killed the creature's victim.

The toxic venom of the ro hypa caused extreme pain and quick death upon entering a victim's bloodstream. The venom broke down the blood at the molecular level, converting it from its natural liquid state to a gas, reportedly an excruciating painful transformation. Yet ro hypa venom was not entirely detrimental, as it did hold some medicinal value. In fact, an entire colony of snake milkers existed on the surface of Mataou, harvesting ro hypa venom for use throughout the galaxy.