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Roak was a male Human who served as the first officer aboard a Rebel Alliance-operated blockade runner. The ship had been assigned to take Princess Leia Organa to the Shiva system, in order to investigate Imperial activity there.


While Captain Chedaki and Leia were preparing to launch a shuttlecraft, the ship ran afoul of a space mine, which exploded and caused critical damage to the shuttle. Roak ordered the crew to get Leia and Chedaki out of the shuttle so they could jettison it before its fire could spread to the corvette, but they soon realized that the firing circuits were damaged and the only way to launch the shuttle was from inside the bay. Since Chedaki was killed in the explosion, Leia took it upon herself to jettison the shuttle in order to save the rest of the crew. As a result of this incident, Roak likely became the blockade runner's captain.


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