"Okay, here's what we know. The plans for the Quadronomic Fluxer were created by a team of Nessemite designers down planetside. Once the government got wind of what that was all about, they figured as soon as word got out, Nessem would be center of a big shooting war"
―Roald Lasdal, to the Rebel Alliance agents sent to recovered the schematics of the Quadronomic Fluxer[src]

Roald Lasdal was a male individual who lived in the Nessem Shipyards, a space station located near to the planet Nessem, during the time of the Galactic Civil War. Lasdal had three children and he worked as a shift foreman, overseeing the construction of capital ships. However, he secretly also worked for the Rebel Alliance and he acted as an Alliance insider aboard the station. After schematics for a Quadronomic Fluxer, an advanced sublight engine component that could increase the sublight speeds of small starships, was developed on Nessem, the Alliance sent a group of agents to the Nessem Shipyards to obtain the plans. The agents rendezvoused with Ladal and he introduced the Rebels to his workmates, claiming that the agents were friends of his family. He then showed the agents to his home and informed them that the schematics for the Quadronomic Fluxer were being stored aboard a completed capital ship on the sunward strut of the station.