This article is about the governor of New Apsolon. You may be looking for other individuals named Roan.
"Consider yourselves official. We need help to find the girls."
―Roan to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Roan was a male Human who was the Supreme Governor of the planet New Apsolon.


New Apsolon was a planet that fell in great disturbances after a social revolution that saw the group known as The Workers square off against the ruling class known as The Civilized. Roan although a Civilized himself supported The Workers in the revolution, and became close friend to the Worker's hero Ewane, whom was elected as Supreme Governor at the end of the revolution. After Ewane was killed, Roan was elected as ruler of the planet, and took in Ewane's twin daughters Eritha and Alani. Many at the time thought that it was Roan who had Ewane killed, but the murder was done by a guard of Ewane named Balog. The twins were captured during Roan's leadership and Roan was killed while he tried to save them. As it turned out, the kidnap was staged by the twins so they and their associate Balog could kill Roan - a step in their plan to take over the reigns of power in New Apsolon. Roan was succeeded as Supreme Governor by his brother Manex.



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