"That's the shatual, by the way, roasted and sliced. Share it with Darman and the boys. Right way to celebrate the birth of a son."
Rav Bralor to Etain Tur-Mukan[src]

Roast shatual was a meal enjoyed by numerous members of the Mandalorian culture. Prepared from the meat of a shatual—a species of animal native[1] to the veshok-tree forests of Mandalore,[2] the Mandalorians' cultural homeworld located in the galaxy's Outer Rim[3]—the creature would first be butchered, and its meat then roasted over an open flame until cooked to satisfaction. The roasted shatual meat was then sliced and served.[1]

In the year 21 BBY, the strill known as Lord Mirdalan hunted and killed a shatual, returning with its prize to its master and friends within Clan Skirata at their home of Kyrimorut on Mandalore. There, family friend Rav Bralor butchered the catch and roasted the shatual meat over an open fire, and the extended clan dined on the resulting meal that evening. Shortly after, slices of leftover roast shatual were wrapped up to be taken by the Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan back to the unit of clone commandos known as Omega Squad, her lover Darman among them.[1]

Later in 19 BBY, following the end of the Clone Wars, more roast shatual was prepared at the Skirata home, and several members of the clan enjoyed slices of the fire-roasted meat at their leisure.[4]

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Roast shatual first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 2007 novel, Republic Commando: True Colors, the third entry in the Republic Commando series by author Karen Traviss.


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