«The hearts of the Myneyrshi people overflow with gratitude, Jedi Skywalker. Our debt to you is great»

Roax was the leader of the Myneyrsh tribe living on Wayland following its devastation by the Yuuzhan Vong.


«We demand rite of punishment! Give her to us, Jedi—Or die with her!»
―Roax to Kol Skywalker[src]

He welcomed the Jedi Master Kol Skywalker for his efforts to restore the planet made barely inhabitable by the war as the part of the Ossus Project. However, the Project was sabotaged by the One Sith and Wayland's inhabitants began to turn into the vongspawn, including Roax himself.

Afterwards, Roax confronted Skywalker and demanded he hand over Nei Rin, the Project's Master Shaper, for punishment as Roax and his people held her responsible for the event. However, Skywalker refused, and pushed him and the Myneyrshi accompanying him off his ship's landing platform as it left the planet, swearing to return and undo what had been done.

Many years later, when Kol's son Cade returned to the planet, Cade and his party were attacked by several Vongformed Myneyrshi. He informed his crew not to kill them, believing that one might be Roax, much to the dismay of crew member Jariah Syn. Shortly afterwards, and Skywalker and Syn were knocked unconscious while Deliah Blue was taken captive.


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