"I'm just tryin' to make a cred. Nothin' against the lady senator person. I got fifty creds put in my hand, and some paint, and told to come here and do up a crate."
―Robbi, to the Heroes of Cularin[src]

Robbi was a male street kid who lived in Forard, on the planet Almas. In circa 31 BBY, Lavina Wren, the senator of the Cularin system, became engaged to the former Jedi Jarid DeBell, and the pair planned to marry in Forard. The Human Carilla, a Forard-based caterer, paid Robbi and about twenty other children fifty credits each to spray anti-wedding graffiti on walls in Forard. Carilla planned to "catch" Robbi and the other culprits and make it seem as if she had saved the wedding, thereby generating good publicity for her business. However, Robbi was caught by the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents that were investigating the threats to the wedding, and he confessed to them that Carilla had paid him to spray the graffiti.