Native to the coastal waters of the planet Senali, the timid, spined rocshore fish had three large claws, which it used to catch its prey. The native Senali discovered that the rocshore fish would regenerate a claw if one was removed, and hunted the fish for their clawmeat. By spearing the fish in the tail, where there were no nerves to cause pain, the rocshore fish could be immobilized long enough to twist off a claw. The Senalis were careful to remove a single claw at a time, for the fish was unable to hunt with a single claw, and eventually died of starvation. The rocshore fish's clawmeat was a staple in the Senali diet. The Senalis learned that they had to hunt for rocshore fish underwater, for the fish were easily spooked by the presence of a boat. Whenever spooked, rocshore fish would bury themselves in the sand to hide.


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