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"Warning! The Grand Protector's Home Fleet strictly monitors and controls Tyrius system space. All vessels must identify themselves immediately upon arriving in system. Direct further inquiries to the Home Fleet or Starport Control."
―Tyrius system datafile[src]

The Rodian Home Fleet was a Rodian starfleet.


The fleet was established during the Old Republic era by the Soammei clan's Chief Protector who had made himself the "Grand Protector" (translated from the Rodese "Inta'si'rin'na"). The same Grand Protector had also founded the Grand Protector's Hunter's Guild (also known as the Goa-Ato) which restricted offworld passage to bounty hunters only.

The Rodian Home Fleet's primary mission was to enforce the jurisdiction of the Goa-Ato and prevent illegal emigrants from leaving Rodia. It was also in charge of defending the Tyrius system, which contained Rodia. However, the Home Fleet had not always been successful over the years, and many illegal Rodian emigrants succeeded in going off-world.

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